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Aug 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Allocation of Overheads (Deprecation) on material level in COPA report


Hi Frnds,

As per business we require to allocate deprecation and other overheads to products & also to variant (material) in COPA report.To do so i have created Assessment cycle in KEU1 but i am facing following issues :-

In our Scenario we have three product i.e product -1, product-2 & Product -3 and for every product we have variant.

Eg -- For product -1 , variant - 3dx, 2dx and 4dx

For product -2 , variant - VX, LX and DX

For Product -3, variant - highline , midline and lowline

Since we have to allocate Deprecation overhead to Product plus Variant, i have created allocation assessment cycle in KEU1.

In receiver Tab in KEU1 i have put Product Group ( product -1,product -2 and Product -3) as one of receiver and also to allocate cost to material/variant level i have created a group and put in receiver Tab i.e..Variant group ( 3dx, 2dx and 4dx, VX, LX and DX and highline , midline and lowline)

Now i when i run KEU5 :- it distribute cost in following combinations:-

product -1 and 3dx

product - 2 and 3dx

Product -3 and 3dx

product -1 and 2dx

product - 2 and 2dx

Product -3 and 2dx

and so on is making all possible combinations...but this not correct...can some one tell how can i allocate my overhead cost to Variant level .ie material.