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Sep 23, 2005 at 07:46 PM

WS14000084 in SRM 4.0 - not starting


This question is being posed from an old R/3 Workflow-er, so please excuse my lack of knowledge about SRM.

We have upgraded from EBP 3.5 to SRM 4.0 in our sandbox environment. This our landscape:


SAP_ABA 640 SAPKA64011


Our SRM consultant has enabled (via SPRO and SWB_COND) the standard SAP workflow WS14000084 and WS14000086 for BUS2000113, events CHANGEVERSIONSAVED and SAVED.

All the 'normal' workflow customizing has been carried out via SWU3. Event log is turned on. Event linkage is activated, and the check functions are


The contract is created, but of course, no workflow starts. Why else would I be annoying you with this on a Friday.

SWUD for WS14000084 gives yellow lights on the binding between task and event. Simulate Event gives red light for WS14000084, green light for WS14000086. The information on WS14000084 is that there is an error in the binding definition.

OSS Note 879528 refers to this workflow (WS14000084) in a different context, but suggests changing the binding. Okay, I know how to do that, but step 7 of this note says to change the binding to....

then there is nothing. No information on what the binding should be changed to.

Can anyone shed some light on:

What the correct binding for this task should be ?

How to tell if the event is raised. I know in SRM that the standard event log will not help.

What is the difference (in a nutshell) between the two check functions ? Why use one over the other ?

Any other tips and tricks to teach this old dog would be helpful.