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Aug 29, 2013 at 02:47 PM

How to map maximo system property in syclo


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Neha Mahanty 07/19/2011 06:05,

Hi,I have a requirement to display a maximo system property in syclo.Can some one please suggest me how do I do this?
Thanks and RegardsNeha MahantyAccenture Svc Pvt LtdIndia

DavidStern 07/19/2011 09:14

What version of Maximo?

What system property?

What screen do you need to display it on?

Steve Streeter 07/19/2011 09:27

Do you only need to pull the data from Maximo, or will you need to post the data back into Maximo?

All the pull data is done by using SQL Scripts.

If you want to enter information into Maximo there maybe some Java Changes needed depending on the SMART

Appliction/ Maximo Version you are using.

Jason Latko 07/19/2011 09:57

There are multiple ways to approach this.

Easiest would probably be to create a new data table in the editor and pull your system setting(s) down with a simple SQL query.

You can then display the data using an update rule with the TABLE rule function pointing at your new data table and desired row.

You could also use a complex table or a fetch to do the same thing.Jason Latko (Senior Product Developer at Syclo)

Neha Mahanty 07/21/2011 01:14

Thanks so much for the reply. I wanted to pull the data and I used sql scripts for this.

Neha Mahanty 07/21/2011 01:56

Hi Jason,Thanks for the suggesiton, I used data table and retrieved the system property . This has solved my problem.Thanks Neha