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Aug 29, 2013 at 08:27 AM

Batch Determination at Production Order via Rem Shelf Life


Hi experts,

I need to setup a batch determination for components. Its simple requirement is via Remaining Shelf Life.

Ex. Via Batch Strategy, Component A should select batch whose Rem Shelf Life is > 90 days.

I have created a Batch Class for COB1 (ZRSL) with Characteristic:

LOBM_VFDAT (Expiration Date Shelf Life - SLED)

LOBM_RLZ (Rem Shelf Life)

Component A's batch class is ZCLASS_001 with Characteristic:

LOBM_VFDAT (Expiration Date Shelf Life - SLED)

Now I have these available batches of Component A

Batch 1: Expiry = 31/12/2014

Batch 2: Expiry = 15/09/2013

From these 2 batches, only Batch 1 is valid since its RSL is greater than 90 days.

But during Batch Det in Prod Order, it still identifies the 2 batches as Valid for selection.

Am I missing a characteristic here? Basically, during Batch Determination, I want RSL to be computed from the date when Batch Determination is executed (ex. Current day).

Thanks in advance folks!