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Aug 29, 2013 at 06:41 AM

Is AfterModify event executed when a BO is loaded up in the UI ?


I am working with the Account BO in Cloud for Customer aka Customer On Demand.

I want to place some code on the startup of the viewing of the Customer Account record:

- check the user login ID

- set a indicator flag on the extension field in BO extension / UI

I know how to do the code, and I have tried placing the code in the AfterModify event - which a good SME suggested is the place to put it.

It doesn't seem to run my code - both in the Trace and Debug modes. So it means the AfterModify is not been called. I tried both AfterModify event in the root and common nodes.

My usual experience from other languages is that we need an Init event /method. Not sure how that translates over to this Studio architecture.

Does anyone know what other way / event I can use to do the above ?