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Aug 28, 2013 at 02:32 PM

How to assign Purchasing Organization in Shopping Cart (SSP in ECC6 EhP6)



we are using Self-Service Procurement from Business Function LOG_MM_SSP_1.

After SC is created and workflow is over, Purchase Requisition should be created. Nevertheless, this is not the case because Purchasing Organization is not passed from SC to PR.

In SSP standard, purchasing organization cannot be populated by user himself. So, i tried to use rulesets i defined for material group determination and which i assigned to BRF+ function /SRMERP/F_DET_PUR_GRP.

For this, i change value of EKORG from component name IS_SC_ITEM being part of the function module signature context. But this does not work.

I see with simuation that field is updated with my default value. But during transactional process, the field is not updated.

I think being an importing parameter in the BRF+ function, that's why it is not updated.

So, how can i do to update field EKORG from /SRMERP/S_SC_ITM table ?

There is no BRF+ function for this purpose.

How this point is managed in SSP standard design ?

Besides, how can i do to determine where in ABAP program a BRF+ function is called ?

Thank you for you answers.