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Sep 23, 2005 at 12:58 PM

Table VIew visible First row problem


Hi Friends

I fixed a table view in xhtmlb tabstrip that has three states,

In expand state i am displaying 20 rows in table , when ever we select a row it has to display only the selected row in the table view. so i am setting the <b>visible first row</b> to the <b>selected row index</b> and <b>visiblerowcount</b> to <b>1</b> .

but it is displaying the first row of that 20 records. i had set the visiblefirstrow property correctly.

i debugged the application , the value of visiblefirstrow in tableview reference is same as what i set until 'IF_BSP_ELEMENT~DO_AT_END' of "cl_htmlb_tableview" but after this method the value is changing to the first row of that 20 recods.

if any one solves it is pleasure and thanks in advance