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Aug 28, 2013 at 12:50 PM

NWBC desktop with remote WDA/FPM applications


Hello Experts,

I try to implement a scenario with NWBC desktop 4.0 to have one system for logon and role definiton, and integrate some webdynpro abap applications from a remote system. First it looked to be simple, but now I am about to give up.

My logon/role system is called SY1. Here I have imported one role from the remote system SY2, in PFCG the target system entry is set correctly, and also the RFC connection exists.

If I logon with NWBC to SY1, I see the role and can click the application from remote system SY2. This is a WDA/Floorplan application (SAP PPM) which shows me a list of projects. The list (WDA ALV) is shown correctly in a new NWBC tab. so far so good.

And here the problems start:

If I now click on entry in the list, NWBC opens a new tab where the project details should appear - but NWBC tries to open this on SY1 instead of SY2.

And so I get an erorr message, that the requested FPM application does not exist.😔

My conclusion from this is: Calling a remote WDA app works fine, but if this app tries to open relative links, NWBC will add the hostname of the role system, but it should add the hostname of the calling application, as defined in PFCG.

Has anyone already solved such a problem ?