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Aug 28, 2013 at 11:18 AM

SAP system copy problem with the log file



currently I make an SAP system copy with the following components.

The source system (windows2003):

- SAP instance DEC

- MaxDB Version

- MaxDB Studio

- The logfile are in the D: drive

The installed target system (windows 2008):

- SAP instance NEW

- MaxDB version

- MaxDB Studio

- The installation is in the P: drive

The approach is the following:

Action in DEC:

1) DB backup via MaxDB Studio >> backup-file org_dec

Action in NEW:

2) Start with MaxDB Studio

3) Initialize the DB

4) Change the db data files from - d:\ ...... to p:\

5) Delete the log file

6) Start the recovery

......but ..the DB disconnect and the recovery stoppt! The error message is: Volume D:\sapdb\DEC\mirrsaplog\M_DISKL001 cannot be created.

The problem is, I can't create a new D: drive in the target system NEW. How is the solution for this problem?