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Aug 28, 2013 at 09:37 AM

Query from a SAP HANA Beginner.



I'm totally new to the world of SAP. I have worked in "IT Applications Support & Maintenance" for 10 years and now looking to learn something new and exciting. Among the latest technologies I researched about, SAP HANA seems to take the lead. It would be of great help if someone can answer my queries below:

1. Can someone like me with absolutely no experience on SAP be able to learn HANA and land in a job? I know it'll be hard but please tell me it is not close to impossible.

2. These are the two courses I'm interested in (and also needed before appearing for an Associate Certification).

a. HA100 SAP HANA Introduction

b. HA200 SAP HANA - Installation & Administration.

3. There are E-Learning modules for the above two courses. Can I just learn with e-learning and not do any classroom training? At this point of time, I may not be able to afford classroom training.

4. If I go ahead with E-Learning, will I need a high-spec laptop/desktop to install and play with HANA? Or will a standard home laptop be good enough?

Many Thanks

Aneeth Gajapathi