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Aug 27, 2013 at 09:15 PM

Product interchangeability - Use up strategy issue


Hi All,

We have a specific requirement (mentioned below) where we want to use supersession chain along with rules.

1. Create supersession chain for prececessor and successor material followed by procedure and creating rule in RBA.

2. Ordered material is predecessor which should be immediately replaced with successor (this can be easily achieved by setting "Use-up strategy" field as "No" and Direction field as Forward)

3. Once the stock of successor is over, system should stop replacing ordered material (Predecessor) with successor and predecessor should confirm as per the stock.

I know that Direction field can't be Full if Use-up strategy is maintained as No. If I maintain use-up stratedy as Yes or Restricted, my purpose of consuming successor first will not be met.

Did some one use standard Product interchangeability setup to meet such kind of requirement where Use up strategy field can be used for consuming successor material first and than pointing back to predecessor?