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Aug 27, 2013 at 07:23 PM

ADO.NET Datasource, getting Logon Failed


I have worked my way through the samples and walk-throughs in the blogs and help docs on this site to create a report that is based on an ADO.NET Dataset (XML xsd file).

My actual data dataset is generated from a STored procedure and a command/adapter object. I then set the SetDataSOurce of the report to the dataset created from the stored procedure.

My DB is MySQL

Every time I set the reportsource of the viewer to my report document and view the report it says login failed.


My XSD is just created by hand, no DB connections. It has just 2 fields, login name and last login date. Fields are named exactly as in the DB. In fact if I comment out the line that does 'SetDataSource' for the report and just show the report with no data, just as it comes, it still says Login Failed.

What is happening? Why is it wanting to login to show a report that has no data other than what is defined in the xdd, which is nothing. There is no data attached to the report in design time. If I preview I just get a list of VB colours which I guess is some kind of design time placeholder.

I just dont know what is going on but this is putting a major project in jeopardy. I have 5 working days to get this working and deliver 20 reports. Otherwise my Customer will cancel. I moved to Crystal from a competitors product thinking it would be easier and faster. I hope I didnt make a big mistake..

Please can someone help me get this working so I can get going on my report designs and deliver this project