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Cloud Connector:"Failure reason: "Backend status could not be determined"

Jan 12, 2017 at 08:15 AM


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Hi Experts,

I recently downloaded the latest SAP Cloud Connector portal version and started it in my laptop. I configured the account to connect to hanatrial account and also configured the backend system in the cloud to OnPremise option. In the HCP i can see my cloud connector configuration, when I try to create a destination and click check connection, I get the error Failure reason: "Backend status could not be determined".

Any expert advice how to fix this error? Below are the screen shots of the configurations

1. Hana Trial Connection - i did not provide the proxy because we dont have internet proxy.

2. Back End connection - Screenshot

3. The Connected screenshot of the Back End System

4. the Cloud Connector which is visible in the HCP

5. Destination Configuration in the HCP.

I have selected OnPremise for the Proxy Type so that the connection will be through the SAP Cloud Connector. And have provided the user name password for the SAP system is this correct? or do i have to use a security certificate?

I have not done any security configuration so far in the Cloud Connector.

Thanks in Advance.


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Update to this post.

Instead of running the SAP Cloud Connector in the laptop i installed the Connector in the cloud server and also i am able to access the iwbep URL using the internal https://host:port/sap/iwbep

  1. I have mapped the URL in the destination to the Virtual Host/Port configuration in the Cloud Platform
  2. If I click the "Check availability of the internal host" i see that the status changes to "Reachble"
  3. If i try the url "https://mylocalhost:port/sap/iwbep" from the server where the SAP Cloud connector is installed, i am able to access the page.
  4. I have also installed a System certificate in SAP Cloud Connector.

I just tried checking the network trace and found that the connection request from SAP Cloud Platform is not even reaching the Cloud Connector. How do i find out the error. I see my Cloud Connector instance in the SAP Cloud Platform.

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2 Answers

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Kulandai George Maria Singarayar Mar 21, 2017 at 11:26 AM

I found the issue and corrected it,

I did not set the paramter CloudConnectorLocationId = “LocationID” (this will be specified in the SCC during HTTP destination configuration ), so after setting this i got the message that “Success: Connection to “mysystem” successful”.


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Hi Kulandai,

I am getting the same error

"Failure reason: "Backend status could not be determined"

So, I am trying to get help from your post, what value we have to assign to "LocationId" ?

destinationcc.jpg (65.2 kB)

Issue resolved, the port number which I was using was incorrect.

Abhishek Sinha Jan 18, 2017 at 07:54 AM


can you please check "Error Messages for OnPremise Destinations" from

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Hi Abhishek,

Thank you very much for the response and the link.

I have already gone through this document, apparently the issue is that I installed the cloud connector in my laptop and there must be a configuration to allow my laptop to communicate with my SAP system which was missing. I will update this post once I complete this activity with the correct configuration in place.