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Aug 26, 2013 at 07:33 PM

SUP 2.2P3 - Screen on app stuck in refresh loop



I have a simple hybrid app that has a login screen and a results screen that displays a chart using MAKit.

The issue is occuring on two new iPads we recently configured.

When I run the app, the login screen appears and I am able to enter my credentials, what is supposed to happen is the next screen should appear and a chart show up.

What is happening, on the two new devices is the chart screen shows, but the MBO (and subsequently the SAP BAPI), just keep getting called over and over again until I kill the app using the home button on the iPad. The chart is shown but the spinning wheel just stays on the screen and the MBO just keeps getting called.

This app works on all other iPads and iPhones we have on that server.

It does not appear to be a WiFi vs 3G issue as it happens when we test with either.

The really strange part is that when we point the new iPads to our test server, the app runs fine.

At this point it would appear to be an issue with the way the iPads are configured on the server, but we cannot see any difference, and the iPads only seem to have an issue with this one app.

Any ideas out there? Any other info I can provide let me know.

Thanks, Mike