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Aug 24, 2013 at 03:03 PM

F110 - APP Spool job does not get created.



I am trying to run the Custom program by making the copy of the RFFOUS_C which is exected via the APP - Transaction F110. I have copied this to the Z-program and making changes to it. The Layout is also custom layout and the using the OPEN_FORM, WRITE_FORM and CLOSE_FORM I am trying to achive my goals.

The Layout is also getting called and the values are being pased to it bu t finally the I am not able to see the output. I see only the payment summary but not the cheque layout. Initailly this was working for the Single vendor but after making changes to the code for the multiple vendors my code is not working nor it is displaying any result. I mean for multiple vendors all the line items were dispalyed in one cheque under one vendor which is incorrect.

I have put a conditon that


print the totals followed by the Amount window for Toatl Amount in words and prior to it another main window content (main 01) is called which is the copy of main 00. there are two leaflets having the same content.


After making the above change where I am also using the CLOSE_FORM AND OPEN_FORM once more since for the Second vendor I want the Second cheque leaflet and hence this logic . This logic was put later and after that the form is not printing any cheque details at all . I am not sure if the Cheque number is getting picked up. Initally it was getting picked up.

Can any one please let me know what is the solution to this issue.