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Aug 24, 2013 at 01:00 PM

querstion for crystal report for enterprise.


Hi expert,

I want to create a crystal report for enterprise. after I select a bex query, in the data explore of crystal report, such as for character 'sales group', I got item 'sale group - medium text' , 'sale group - text', ' sale group' ( this should be for hierarchy).

my questions are:

1. there is only medium text setting for sale group , so we already have 'sale group - medium text', what 'sale group - text' is used for?

2. there is no hierarchy setting for sale group in sap bw, why ' sale group' for hierarchy shows up?

3. every time when I drag and drop 'sale group - key' or 'sale group - medium text' into working area, there always accompany a item 'sale group', what is this 'sale group', is it key or text? I don't want it accompany each time, how I can remove this default accompany operation?

4. when I want to change report by editing data source, I got error message 'some result objects were removed from the query, result objects currently used in your report may no longer available', then report proceed to end with blank result, please tell me what is wrong?

you help is highly appreciated.