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Aug 23, 2013 at 08:16 PM

Issue with alert configuration in SAP PI 7.31 single stack for Consumer


Hi Experts,

I am configuring alert in PI 7.31 single stack with custom consumer. But it is not working properly. The configuration is as below.

I have 4 alert rule in ID.

1) Alert_For_MappingError_FICO - with custom consumer Consume_FICO

2) Alert_For_MappingError_OTC- with custom consumer Consume_OTC

3) Alert_For_MappingError_PLM- with custom consumer Consume_PLM

4) Alert_For_MappingError_PTP- with custom consumer Consume_PTP

All the assigned Configuration objects as Configuration Scenario only. Like...

For each alert rule we have separate consumer as stated above.

All the custom consumer has created from web service navigator with operation RegisterConsumer...

In NWA I have 4 separate job for each consumer to trigger mail to separate distribution list.

1) Consume_FICO :

2) Consume_OTC :

3) Consume_PTP :

4) Consume_PLM :

Now the problem is that the alert mail is not triggering with corresponding consumer group. It is triggering like, alert for PLM error is triggering from PTP consumer with PTP alert rule.


Anirban Dutta