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Aug 23, 2013 at 03:11 PM

how to check table changes if the table are not relevent for CDHDR/CDPOS records


Hi Gurus,

We have a scenario in which table field value changes when a goods receipt/confirmation if done for Purchase Order, field is EKET-DABMG - (Qty reduced) and there are more tables similar to this table EKET. But this table we do not have any CDHDR/CDPOS records to track any recent changes unlike EKKO.

We do not have even 'changed on' field on the EKET table to directly track the changes. This table is changing indirectly unlike EKPO where in we have changes direclty readable with field EKPO-AEDAT.

We want to transfer table data changes from SAP to DW system only the table data which has been changed in previous day and not all tables data which has been created from day one but has not been changed in previous day. This is to prevent huge data which has been transferred in previous day getting transferred again to DW and to transfer only the data which was changed directly/indireclty.

EKKO table we can read the recent changes through CDHDR/CDPOS but EKET and other similar tables we are unable to track the changes.

Please advise alternate solutions and any workarounds.