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Former Member
Aug 23, 2013 at 10:53 AM

LO Extraction doubt


Hi All,

I have a doubt in LO extraction.

For example i want to enhance 2LIS_11_VAHDR with 4 custom fields. I have completed enhancement and wrote code also in CMOD.And filled setup tables and extracted the data to BI SIDE successfully.

My question are

1) while i am executing FULL/ Init Info package in BI ,is it will go and get data from setup tables? My ans is YES. If not let me know

2) while data geting from setup tables is my enhanced fileds code will run again? If so then what is the use of filling setup tables and having records for all fileds including my enhanced fields?

3) IF data gets only from setuptable t opull BI side . When i am checking back ground job of my info package in ECC side i can see EXIT_SAPLR_o001 programe. where our custom fileds code has written . My question is ,is our info package (FULL) will get data by running extractor

? It mean my enhanced code also will execute write? I nthis case what is the use of setup table filling?

Request : please dont post LO steps. I am looking direct ans for my questions .