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Aug 23, 2013 at 06:29 AM

How to update Inbound IDOC status to '51' in BTE 1250 using FM SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001250 ?


Hi All,

I had posted this in ABAP development too but thought connectiovity forum would be a better place for this. Hence reproducing the same here. Kindly provide your inputs.

My inbound IDOC is updating a material master Z-field (MVKE-Zfield) in the sales org2 tab .The process code FM calls the FM IDOC_WRITE_AND_START_INBOUND to do the update. Now , I have a requirement to add a validation in BTE 1250 copying the FM SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001250 to a Z FM and doing the code changes in that. If the validation fails, I have to fail the IDOC with status 51 , so that iot doesen't update the material master field . Now my question is, how can I change the IDOC status in BTE FM SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001250 ? It doesen't have the IDOC status table as importing parameter . I am stuck here. Requesting all your inputs . Thanks!