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Aug 23, 2013 at 05:29 AM

CServiceData::SetPropertyValueString failed; Value too long in property



i am facing this error at sdk coding..

in grid i entered some value... ok..

Through the button click ...

i am reading and using general service..

i am storing the value in krar.tostring adding

oChild = oChildren.Add()

oChild.SetProperty("U_KRAR", krar.ToString)

oChild = oChildren.Add()

oChild.SetProperty("U_KRAR", krar.ToString)

oChild.SetProperty("U_trgt1", box2.Text)

oChild.SetProperty("U_WEIG", box3.Text)

oChild.SetProperty("U_SELF", box4.Text)

'oChild.SetProperty("U_SELF", box4.SelectedValue)

oChild.SetProperty("U_SRMK", box5.Text)

oChild.SetProperty("U_trgt3", box6.Text)

oChild.SetProperty("U_trgt2", box7.Text)

''oChild.SetProperty("U_RCom", box8.Text)

oChild.SetProperty("U_KPI", box9.Text)

This error will come..

1) i Checked in database field size is 500 alpha numeric

2) allready i entered record

i updated the record through the query for field U_krar="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

successfully updated ..

3)but same value through the sdk i am not able to insert it...

4) small values i am able to enter like u_krar="xxx"

any solution plz inform me

i need urgently..