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Aug 23, 2013 at 01:07 AM

POWL default values for selection criteria lost



I'm maintain a selection criteria for my custom POWL application using the feeder method : IF_POWL_FEEDER~GET_SEL_CRITERIA.

The selection criteria works fine but if I want to specify the sy-uname as a default value for my selection criteria( a select option for sy-user) using table C_DEFAULT_VALUES of the method interface, the same doesn't get reflected when I run the application. Example when any user runs the POWL application, it should automatically use his user name as search criteria. I've defined the default query in POWL_QUERY and run the POWL_D01 report every time before testing.

Any response will be great!

Code :

Setting selection criteria

ls_selcrit-selname = 'S_USER'.

ls_selcrit-kind = 'S'.

ls_selcrit-param_type = 'D'.

ls_selcrit-selopt_type = 'C'.

ls_selcrit-allow_admin_change = 'X'.

INSERT ls_selcrit INTO TABLE c_selcrit_defs.

Setting defaults:

ls_default-selname = 'S_USER'.

ls_default-kind = 'S'.
ls_default-sign = 'I'.

ls_default-option = 'EQ'.

ls_default-low = sy-uname.

INSERT ls_default INTO TABLE c_default_values.