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Aug 22, 2013 at 08:28 PM

Loading CSV file automatically


A question about the best/fastest way to go here; I have some CSV files on a separate server that need to be loaded 'automatically' by SAP HANA.

I know that you can load CSV files through FTP, but that wouldn't meet my requirements. I need a program that can load the CSV data 'on call' instead of an FTP transfer that I need to run myself.

I've tried:

1. XSJS => Calling SQLscript directly, line by line. Not a good idea, my CSV files are about a 100.000 records, so I'm getting timeouts when loading. The recommendation is to push as much SQL processing to the SQLscript/procedures. The other disadvantage is that I can't get batch processing to work, I get the error: 'Bulk insert not enabled'.

2. XSJS => Creating an SQLscript procedure and passing the whole string (or parts of it) to the procedure. This doesn't work as I'm getting an error: The requested unit size(17168574) should be smaller than 1048576 (which is the the size of a megabyte?). I should be able to get this working though, but it seems very cumbersome doing it this way.

Just so I know I'm on the right track... would there be a better way to transfer a CSV from an external server to SAP HANA? (programatically)