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Aug 22, 2013 at 06:21 PM

HRECM Launchpad new window question


Hi all,

I have created a custom launch pad that contains the Planning Overview WD ABAP. When I go to select a org and click on the Plan button, the Compensation Planning WD ABAP opens up in the same window.

How can I get the Compensation Planning view to open in a new window? When I look at the HRECM_NAV OBN launchpad, it looks like the OBNs are supposed to open in a new window cause I see the EXT_HEAD parameter in the list of parameters on the left side of the display. Choosing to open it in a new window is not an option when the Application Type is OBN.

Here is a screen shot of the launchpad:

Any ideas how I can force new windows when another WD ABAP is called?