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SAP NetWeaver Portal & ESS MSS Installation


We are planning to install SAP NetWeaver Portal & ESS MSS (WebDynpro ABAP) Business package on Portal.

Kindly Suggest on the Latest Compatible versions with the system we have. Please see the below current system below..

1) 1) What is the latest ***compatible ESS MSS Business package version (which is on WebDynpro ABAP) as per the system we have???? Please provide useful document if you have any.

2) 2) What is the latest ***compatible SAP NetWeaver Portal Version to install as per the system we have (Please provide the exact full name along with any useful document).

Whether we have to go for both ABAP & JAVA stacks OR only JAVA stack???

Current backend System

Backend ECC system : EHP6 FOR SAP ERP 6.0

Database : ORACLE

Release :

Operating System : VM – Windows 2008 R2 STD

SAP_BASIS 731 0007 SAPKB73107 SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA 731 0007 SAPKA73107 Cross-Application Component

PI_BASIS 731 0007 SAPK-73107INPIBASIS Basis Plug-In

ST-PI 2008_1_710 0007 SAPKITLRE7 SAP Solution Tools Plug-In

SAP_BW 731 0007 SAPKW73107 SAP Business Warehouse

MDG_FND 731 0007 SAPK-73107INMDGFND MDG Foundation 731

SAP_AP 700 0029 SAPKNA7029 SAP Application Platform

SAP_BS_FND 731 0007 SAPK-73107INSAPBSFND SAP Business Suite Foundation

WEBCUIF 731 0007 SAPK-73107INWEBCUIF SAP Web UI Framework

MDG_APPL 606 0007 SAPK-60607INMDGAPPL MDG Applications 606

SAP_APPL 606 0007 SAPKH60607 Logistics and Accounting

SAP_HR 604 0059 SAPKE60459 Human Resources

SAP_HRCAR 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCAR Sub component SAP_HRCAR of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCAT 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCAT Sub component SAP_HRCAT of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCAU 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCAU Sub component SAP_HRCAU of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCBE 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCBE Sub component SAP_HRCBE of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCBR 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCBR Sub component SAP_HRCBR of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCCA 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCCA Sub component SAP_HRCCA of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCCH 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCCH Sub component SAP_HRCCH of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCCL 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCCL Sub component SAP_HRCCL of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCCN 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCCN Sub component SAP_HRCCN of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCDE 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCDE Sub component SAP_HRCDE of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCDK 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCDK Sub component SAP_HRCDK of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCES 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCES Sub component SAP_HRCES of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCFI 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCFI Sub component SAP_HRCFI of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCFR 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCFR Sub component SAP_HRCFR of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCGB 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCGB Sub component SAP_HRCGB of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCHK 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCHK Sub component SAP_HRCHK of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCID 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCID Sub component SAP_HRCID of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCIE 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCIE Sub component SAP_HRCIE of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCIN 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCIN Sub component SAP_HRCIN of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCIT 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCIT Sub component SAP_HRCIT of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCJP 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCJP Sub component SAP_HRCJP of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCKR 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCKR Sub component SAP_HRCKR of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCMX 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCMX Sub component SAP_HRCMX of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCMY 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCMY Sub component SAP_HRCMY of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCNL 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCNL Sub component SAP_HRCNL of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCNO 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCNO Sub component SAP_HRCNO of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCNZ 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCNZ Sub component SAP_HRCNZ of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCPH 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCPH Sub component SAP_HRCPH of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCPT 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCPT Sub component SAP_HRCPT of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCQA 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCQA Sub component SAP_HRCQA of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCRU 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCRU Sub component SAP_HRCRU of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCSE 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCSE Sub component SAP_HRCSE of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCSG 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCSG Sub component SAP_HRCSG of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCTH 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCTH Sub component SAP_HRCTH of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCTW 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCTW Sub component SAP_HRCTW of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCUN 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCUN Sub component SAP_HRCUN of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCUS 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCUS Sub component SAP_HRCUS of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCVE 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCVE Sub component SAP_HRCVE of SAP_HR

SAP_HRCZA 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRCZA Sub component SAP_HRCZA of SAP_HR

SAP_HRGXX 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRGXX Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR

SAP_HRRXX 604 0059 SAPK-60459INSAPHRRXX Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR


EA-APPL 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEAAPPL SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials

EA-DFPS 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEADFPS SAP Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security

EA-FINSERV 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEAFINSRV SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services

EA-GLTRADE 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEAGLTRAD SAP Enterprise Extension Global Trade

EA-HR 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHR SAP Enterprise Extension HR

EA-HRCAR 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCAR Sub component EA-HRCAR of EA-HR

EA-HRCAT 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCAT Sub component EA-HRCAT of EA-HR

EA-HRCAU 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCAU Sub component EA-HRCAU of EA-HR

EA-HRCBE 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCBE Sub component EA-HRCBE of EA-HR

EA-HRCBR 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCBR Sub component EA-HRCBR of EA-HR

EA-HRCCA 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCCA Sub component EA-HRCCA of EA-HR

EA-HRCCH 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCCH Sub component EA-HRCCH of EA-HR

EA-HRCCL 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCCL Sub component EA-HRCCL of EA-HR

EA-HRCCN 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCCN Sub component EA-HRCCN of EA-HR

EA-HRCDE 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCDE Sub component EA-HRCDE of EA-HR

EA-HRCDK 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCDK Sub component EA-HRCDK of EA-HR

EA-HRCES 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCES Sub component EA-HRCES of EA-HR

EA-HRCFI 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCFI Sub component EA-HRCFI of EA-HR

EA-HRCFR 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCFR Sub component EA-HRCFR of EA-HR

EA-HRCGB 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCGB Sub component EA-HRCGB of EA-HR

EA-HRCHK 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCHK Sub component EA-HRCHK of EA-HR

EA-HRCID 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCID Sub component EA-HRCID of EA-HR

EA-HRCIE 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCIE Sub component EA-HRCIE of EA-HR

EA-HRCIN 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCIN Sub component EA-HRCIN of EA-HR

EA-HRCIT 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCIT Sub component EA-HRCIT of EA-HR

EA-HRCJP 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCJP Sub component EA-HRCJP of EA-HR

EA-HRCKR 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCKR Sub component EA-HRCKR of EA-HR

EA-HRCMX 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCMX Sub component EA-HRCMX of EA-HR

EA-HRCMY 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCMY Sub component EA-HRCMY of EA-HR

EA-HRCNL 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCNL Sub component EA-HRCNL of EA-HR

EA-HRCNO 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCNO Sub component EA-HRCNO of EA-HR

EA-HRCNZ 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCNZ Sub component EA-HRCNZ of EA-HR

EA-HRCPH 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCPH Sub component EA-HRCPH of EA-HR

EA-HRCPT 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCPT Sub component EA-HRCPT of EA-HR

EA-HRCRU 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCRU Sub component EA-HRCRU of EA-HR

EA-HRCSE 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCSE Sub component EA-HRCSE of EA-HR

EA-HRCSG 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCSG Sub component EA-HRCSG of EA-HR

EA-HRCTH 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCTH Sub component EA-HRCTH of EA-HR

EA-HRCTW 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCTW Sub component EA-HRCTW of EA-HR

EA-HRCUN 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCUN Sub component EA-HRCUN of EA-HR

EA-HRCUS 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCUS Sub component EA-HRCUS of EA-HR

EA-HRCVE 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCVE Sub component EA-HRCVE of EA-HR

EA-HRCZA 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRCZA Sub component EA-HRCZA of EA-HR

EA-HRGXX 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRGXX Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR

EA-HRRXX 606 0021 SAPK-60621INEAHRRXX Sub component EA-HRRXX of EA-HR

EA-PS 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEAPS SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services

EA-RETAIL 606 0007 SAPK-60607INEARETAIL SAP Enterprise Extension Retail

EPROJCON 200_600 0000 - SAP Enterprise Project Connection

FINBASIS 736 0007 SAPK-73607INFINBASIS Financial Basis


ERECRUIT 600 0023 SAPK-60023INERECRUIT E-Recruiting

FI-CA 606 0007 SAPK-60607INFICA FI-CA

FI-CAX 600 0023 SAPK-60023INFICAX FI-CA Extended


IS-CWM 600 0023 SAPK-60023INISCWM Industry Solution Catch Weight Management

IS-H 600 0034 SAPK-60034INISH SAP Healthcare





IS-UT 606 0007 SAPK-60607INISUT SAP Utilities/Telecommunication

LSOFE 600 0023 SAPK-60023INLSOFE SAP Learning Solution Front-End

SEM-BW 736 0007 SAPK-73607INSEMBW SEM-BW: Strategic Enterprise Management

LOCHRSAE 605 0018 SAPK-60518INLOCHRSAE Localization of HCM for KSA and UAE

ST-A/PI 01Q_731 0001 SAPKITAB9K Servicetools for SAP Basis 731



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    Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 09:55 AM


    Would request you to check the existing thread:

    Based on the component information you provided - the same components as mentioned in the thread would be applicable for you. Further as you are using Webdypnro ABAP, the MSS add-on will be required.

    For the Portal, please go for Netweaver 7.3 Java stack only with the EP usage type (atleast). The business packages can go onto the Portal then.



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    • Former Member

      Thank you all,

      I had installed SAP NetWeaver 7.3 enhancement pack 1.

      SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 Enhancement pack 1 on Windows & Oracle Database

      If anyone looking for the same then you can follow the guides -> (left menu) Installation & Upgrade Guides -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP Netweaver <version> -> Installation.

      You can find which is version of Netwear is compatabile to you based on your Operating system, Database & latest backed ecc system.

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