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Aug 21, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Task Dashboard in SAP-PPM


We need to have resource (assigned to the task) to work as per the planned start. The task dashboard does show the 'Released' tasks assigned to the resource. However, what it does not show is 'Planned Start' and 'Planned Finish'. How can we add 'Planned Start' and 'Planned Finish' dates to task dasboard. These dates do not figure in the list of fields that you can set up for the task dashboard.

Scnario is something like this:

- Let's consider a phase having tasks 1,2, 3 - each assigned to different resource

- Only when task 1 is completed, shold the task 2 be worked on - and therefore, the reqirement is that when task 1 is completed, the resource for task 2 must be informed that he is now supposed to work on task 2

Task dashboard would have helped if it had planned start and planned finish. However, because the released tasks all show on the task dashboard, this does not account for such dependency as above.