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Aug 21, 2013 at 08:39 PM

How catch synchronization errors from SUP Server



I'm working in a native application (on Windows Mobile 6.5) that is connect to a SUP Server 2.2. My application use "Personalization keys" to authenticate the MBOs to SAP when synchronize.

If the user is correctly authenticate in native application, then the synchronization works fine, but when the user introduce a incorrect login or password, then the synchronization fails. That's OK.

My problem is when the synchronization fails. The Generated Native API throws a generic Synchronization Error without specific error description (client/device side), but in the SUP Server side the server log shows the stacktrace with the real error description.

Client/Device side example:


at iAnywhere.Data.UltraLite.ULConnection.RuntimeErrorCheck()

at iAnywhere.Data.UltraLite.ULConnection.Synchronize()

at com.sybase.afx.db.ConnectionUtil.Synchronize(ConnectionWrapper dbConn, SyncStatusListener listener, Connection connection, String[]


Server side example:

2013-08-20 13:51:37.876 WARN Other Thread-191 [NextGen2.server.NextGen2DB]{"_op":"C","level":5,"code":401,"eisCode":"0","message":" or password is incorrect (repeat logon)","component":"NextGen2DB","entityKey":null,"operation":"synchronize","requestId":null,"timestamp":"2013-08-20 18:51:37.876","messageId":0,"_rc":0}

Please help. I need show to user the real error detail like SUP Server catch from SAP exactly.