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BOM for Rebuild Production-Orders

Jan 12, 2017 at 05:43 AM


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we need to rebuild our products in order to match customer needs.

Thus we build Standard products, and put them on stock. The customer order has a product specification attached, that describes what to change at the Standard product.

Thus a production order is needed, that has the needed materials attached. As one of the input materials has the same part number as the Output material, ByD wouldn't accept this.

So what to do to get a rebuild-BOM. We tried to change the production request (which is possible) but ByD always attaches the product specification to the Input product.

Kind regards,


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2 Answers

Stefan Resag
Jan 13, 2017 at 03:02 PM

Hi Klaus,

you are correct, currently ByD does not allow the definition of recursive BOMs. I see two approaches, that might help.

1. Create another product ID for a rebuilt product. That means if product AS is the standard product, then product AR is the rebuilt variant. Of cause you should still use product specifications for AR to distinguish the customer variants of the product AR.

2. Create a dummy component and create a BOM with the standard product as output material and the dummy material as component. In the production order then delete the dummy component and add the standard product as an input material as well. I tested this and it works. This might also be automated via add-on.

Best regards,


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Klaus Hoffmann Feb 02, 2017 at 05:08 PM

Hi Stefan,

yes , #2 works. But we face the situation:

1) The product is build with one BOM - without product specification

2) The same product is taken of the warehouse and is reworked. So there needs to be a second BOM with product specification. Then the system blocks the creation of a production request related BOM (delete the dummy, adding the original product as input material) can be done. But when trying to commit the production task, the input material "original product" is always searched with the product specification of the output product. I think, this is an error... Do you agree?

Kind regards,


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