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Aug 21, 2013 at 02:01 PM

Analysis for Office Using BW Datasource and BOE Landscape Promotion



We have AO workbooks that have BW queries embedded ( not BI OLAP connection queries, but queries inserted using Data Sources and then logging onto a BW system ) and we are storing the AO files in a BI4 SP4 Patch 2 system. The AO workbooks are saved in a BOEDEV system and the BW queries selected were from the BW DEV system.

We promoted these AO files to the BOEQA system using BI Promotion Management. When we launch the AO workbooks from BOEQA the BW query still points to the BW DEV system. Is there specific configuration required in the CMC / BI system to update the system reference for the BW query as the AO file moved through the landscape?

The BW queries used in the AO workbooks exist in all of our BW environments.

If anyone has any insight into this problem feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mel