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Aug 21, 2013 at 06:34 AM

Is it possible to change display names for tabs with views?


Hello all,

does anybody know, if there is a possibility to change how view names are displayed in tab-titles in Eclipse? My current format looks like this:

[System] Component_Name | View_Name

As there are usually more views in the component, which are changed at the same time and the name is truncated, all the tabs look the same (see the screenshot).

I would prefer if the View Names were displayed first and than the component name. The system name could be omitted completely, as I usually work in one development system. This way instead of having 5 tabs all displayed as "[WGT] ZLE_WINGS_WD_H" I would have: "CONFIRM | ZLE_WINGS", "INFO | ZLE_WINGS_WD_H" etc.

Is it possible to set it somewhere? Or is this a feature to request?

Thank you in advance,

have a nice day!



ViewName.png (31.9 kB)