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Aug 21, 2013 at 01:24 AM

How to handle overpayment by customer


Dear Guru's,

I've a situation in which customer has done over payment and this amount to be refund to customer. We did posted a customer document( ZF customized documnet type). This document is not picked in the APP.

The setting I checked are already maintained as:

1. Master Control Data - field for Customer and Vendor maintained with "Vendor" and "Customer" number respectively.

2. The flag "Clearing with Vendor" and "Clearing with Customer".

What I notice is that this document has payment method as 'C' and under customer master also its maintained as C.

But for all the outgoing Vendor payment the payment method is "G" under APP configuration ie Pmnt method in country & Pmnt method in company code.

Additionally, notice the Document type for payment maintained under payment method/country are ZP & ZV not ZF. not sure what's the impact?

Since new in this so not sure whats exactly the process is to handle such scenario.

Looking forward for prompt reply.




Over payment.png (111.4 kB)