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Aug 20, 2013 at 05:20 PM

External Candidate cannot open my profile screen.


Dear All,

SAP E-Recruiting setting on my environment, I have one system for front-end system and another backend system.

I quite confuse on RFC Connection setting and T77S0 setting.

1. T77S0, There are 2 parameter about RFC Connection.

- RECFA HRRFC --> The RFC connection here need to be Trusted system?

- RECFA UI2BL --> The RFC connection here need to be Trusted system?

Does RFC connection on both parameter should use one RFC connection or use different RFC connection setting?

2. RFC connection setting call to backend

On tab Logon & Security

- User field need to specify user or check on Current User checkbox.?

- Trust Relationship should be "Yes" or "No"?

Now I set by using service user in this field but the problem is when external candidate log on with the user, external candidate found message on the screen. "Unfortunately, the system is unavailable at the moment; try again later".

I checked on SLG1. I found error message "Requested data does not belong to the current user".

The error occured on "The error occurred in program LHRRCF_MDL_CAND_PROFILEU45 line 32".

I tried to debug and found out that system detect service user as SY-UNAME and compare with user of external candidate and it is not match. Then it display this error message.

Do I set something wrong? Please suggest I stuck on this for a week.


Soracha T.