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Sep 22, 2005 at 08:01 AM

SD Delivery Serial Number auto generation ?????


Hi All,

Hope some one is able to provide some points on this!!

Basis Release 620.

Client requires that the serial numbers be automatically generated for items copied from a sales order to a delivery note.

Anyone got a clue as to how this can be accomplished?

Copy requirements (vofm) for deliveries works on the delivery header level and not the item which is required.

Data Transfer requirements like wise works at the header level.

While the user exit "MOVE_FIELDS_TO_LIPS" does not have the required fields available, but does work at the item level.

Where does SAP save the serial numbers for the actual number of items to be delivered? EG

Delivery Item (LIPS) links to Serial Numbers (????).

Thanks in advance for any advice

David Cooper