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Aug 20, 2013 at 10:51 AM

An abap statement, which i have found in exsiting code is comewhat not clear and i believe it is written in a wat which is time consuming..



The below statement is correct or not?...or is their way we can write it in a more better way so that it will execute more fast .

structure created is corresponds to internal table means type is same as IT.

SELECT ebeln ebelp matnr werks menge meins netpr pstyp revlv
INTO TABLE it_ekpo
FROM ekpo
WHERE ebeln IN s_ebeln AND
elikz <> 'X' AND
loekz <> 'L' AND "MOD003+
knttp <> 'F' AND
knttp <> 'K' AND
bstyp = 'F' AND
werks IN s_plant.

Please ket me know...