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Aug 20, 2013 at 09:50 AM

what happens to personalization on future upgrade


Hi All,

We are implementing ESS MSS for EHP6 and are currently tweaking the UI elements using Administration Personalization in SE80. I guess I need guidance from you as to how to proceed with the customizations.

My concerns are:

  • Currently I am making the changes to the default application configuration (eg: HRESS_AC_PERSINFO which is delivered by SAP in the default shipment). Do you think it is okay to personalize this standard application config directly (because it is just personalization not a code change) or do you think we should make a copy of it and start personalizing the copy.

  • If we create a copy, then how will any changes to the standard component's functionality by SAP, in their future releases, be applied to the copies we create.

  • What will happen to these personalization settings when a new patch is applied or the SAP system is upgraded?

Please advise

thanks in advance,