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Aug 19, 2013 at 08:03 PM

Click a KPI result link to pop up a new window to show all the doc records related to this KPI


hi All,

The business requirement of our customer is to show a KPI at the top and all the service documents related to this KPI at the bottom of the same page. But you know that BO Dashboard is not suitable to show many records in a page that we would like to just show this KPI result as a link (through a URL component) and then ask the user to double click the link to pop up a new window to show a BW WAD or Query result of many records. Our question here is how to construct the link with parameter(input variable) transferred in? Before running this KPI, user will input a Year.Month, e.g., 2013.06, then the KPI calculated result of all this month comes up from a BW query as a link, then user double click this link would pop up a new window to transfer this user input value of 2013.06 to run a BW WAD or Query.

Any valuable idea on how to construct such link by transferring the input variable is greatly appreciated and rewarded with points here!