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Aug 19, 2013 at 12:21 PM

HDB client version and HDB server version interoperability


Due to a bug in the HDB client I would like to upgrade it (Bug is fixed in a higher version). Now I don't want to update the HDB server as it is a development system and shipping HANA Delivery Units from there would then mean that all the consuming systems would also need an upgrade.

Now, in the "SAP HANA Master Update Guide" I found the statement:

3.2.1 Updating the SAP HANA Client

Update all SAP HANA clients that are not located on an SAP HANA system. Use the same revision as the SAP HANA database.

This sounds like there is no official support for a mixed installation (i.e. an installation where client and server have a different version).

Is this true ?

Furthermore, the statement above makes one believe that on a SAP HANA system the client cannot be installed separately from the server.

Is this true ?