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Aug 19, 2013 at 08:02 AM

Attachments - Right-click on document name disabled?



We use standard component GS_CM and view DocList to display attachments for a business object (e.g. in BT126H_APPT/ApptOVViewset).

I can do a click on the file name (property DOCLIST/KW_RELATIVE_URL) and the file is opened in a new browser tab. However, displaying files in a new browser tabs destroys file content for specific file types. So I need to be able to download the file to my local drive directly from the view DocList.

In former times, we were able to make a right-click on any file name (KW_RELATIVE_URL) and choose "save target as". Today, the right-click is disabled. It might be a result of the upgrade to 746SP02?

It would be great, if somebody can give me hint, how to enable right-click again - or check if this is really a CRM version related issue, then I would open an OSS message.