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We have a problem in support team where a job is getting cancelled due to error

due to error determining planning periods for calendar and we need to get the material number for which this error is happening In the job logs we saw the error msg (id 61 and no.123).

After debugging we found there are some 40,000 material numbers and we get TIME_OUT dump during debugging. The message is getting dynamically filled. I have given a watch point for the particular message and debugged but its taking long time to get processed and am not able to find the material number as the watchpoint is not getting reached.

plzzzz suggest what to do????????

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  • Is this an ABAP question? Why is it tagged with "Support Services" then?

    What does watchpoint have to do with this? What does calendar have to do with material? What program are you running? If this is a custom one what exactly is preventing you from adding any messages you want?

    Very much confused by this post...

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1 Answer

  • Jan 13, 2017 at 06:53 PM

    I have to admit that I made the moderator alert and suggested to move it to ABAP because I thought you were looking for some ABAP help on how to set the watch point correctly.

    If you just had mentioned that you did an MRP run along with the error message text together with the message number then it would have been more obvious (honestly it is the first time that I saw someone indicating the message number this way: id 61 and no.123 , I actually thought this was the erroneous text for a custom error message)

    Okay back tho the message 61123 :"Error determining planning periods for calendar &"

    This error happens if there is no planning calendar maintained in your material master in case of periodic lot size scenario, or that the calculation of a date goes beyond the maintained periods in your calendar.

    You should have searched SCN using the message number, or directly for SAP notes (consulting notes) :

    368079 - MRP: error 61123 for MD04 or planning

    549193 - FAQ: Error messages in the material requirements planning

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