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Jan 12, 2017 at 03:34 AM

Hiding sub steps and adding UIBB in FPM GAF


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to change the SAP standard screens for the EHSM (Environment health and safety management) module. it is for Incident Report creation.

For the main step 2 (Injured step), there are four sub steps a, b , c and d. I want to hide sub steps b and c and also UIBBs of b and c to be merged into sub step a as shown in below diagram. so basically i want to have sub step a with all UIBBs of sub steps b and c.


I think to achieve this there are multiple ways, i know below three options.

  1. Enhance the component configuration EHHSS_INC_REC_GAF_V3 (removing the sub steps b and c and adding the UIBB of sub steps b and c into the sub step a), here there would be no coding involved.
  2. by Deep copy option, creating the same application hierarchy with Z*. here then hiding and adding the UIBBs as per requirement.
  3. By using the Application specific configuration controller, here we can use method OVERRIDE_EVENT_GAF of interface IF_FPM_GAF_CONF_EXIT, this method having the import parameter as IO_GAF, it allows the hiding of substep and addition of new UIBB for the given key.

please confirm these three options and also suggest me if there is any other option is also available.

I would like to prefer option 3 here because through coding at runtime we can handle the screen structure on some specific conditions on the other hand option and 2 are statically change.

For the option 3, please let me know how to find the AppCC object (application specific controller class) which implements the interface IF_FPM_GAF_CONF_EXIT for incident report transaction.

My concern in opting this 3rd option is, in entire application hierarchy, I am not getting any single web dynpro component which has implemented interface IF_FPM_GAF_CONF_EXIT so there is no scope for me to write coding in OVERRIDE_EVENT_GAF method. but yes there is global FBI controller class as CL_EHHSS_INC_GAF_CONTROLLER_V3.

kindly suggest.

Thanks & Regards,



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