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Aug 16, 2013 at 10:58 PM

VKP5 - How to use Actual Markup to calculate Retail Price instead of AUFS?


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where for any Retail Price changes, the client wants to use the existing 'actual markup' to calculate the (new) Retail Price instead of the 'Planned Markup'. In VKP5, when we want to calculate (change) a Retail Price of an article with an existing Retail Price, standard SAP proposes a new Retail price based on the planned markup (AUFS).


Current Purchase Price (net/net) = $2.00

Planned Markup (AUFS) = 50%

Actual Markup = 50% [as it has not changed]

Margin (calculated) = 33% [($3 - $2) / ($3]

Current Retail Price = $3.00

Then you change the Retail Price, where:

Current Purchase Price (net/net) = $2.00

Planned Markup (AUFS) = 50%

Changed Retail Price = $5.00

Actual Markup becomes = 150% [($5 - $2) / $2]

Margin (calculated) = 60% [($5 - $2) / ($5]

This in turn makes the 'actual markup' as 150% and the Margin also gets adjusted accordingly (60%).

The next time we run VKP5, the system will propose the following Retail Price:

Current Purchase Price (net/net) = $2.00

AUFS = 50%

Current Retail Price = $3.00

The system completely ignores the previous Retail Price of $5.00 and the current margin in it's calculation of (new) Retail Price). The client wants to use the 'actual markup' or margin in the calculation of a new Retail Price. So, the next time we run VKP5, the system should propose a Retail Price of $5.00 (based on actual markup) instead of $3.00 (based of of AUFS).

Would I need to change the Sales Pricing Procedures (WWS001 - WWS004)? If so, can you please provide some input?

Thanks in advance,