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Aug 16, 2013 at 03:19 PM

Powerbuilder Window/Datawindow Field Display Problem


I am using Powerbuilder 10.5. I have a window has a field (field 1) which contains a datawindow (dw_2) which contains a field (field 2) which has a style type of DropDownDW. The field is supposed to retrieve values from a stored procedure which is linked to field 2. When adding a record on the window, the values should be available for selection when clicking on field 1; the retrieval works - clicking on the field opens the drop down datawindow and the values are there. However, field 1 is supposed to display the contents of the display column for field 2 when retrieving an existing record on the window, and it does not do that. The data is in the database, but does not appear.

This is the code I have in the constructor for dw_2:


This is the code I have in the ue_retrieve for dw_2:

DataWindowChild dwc

Integer li_prgrm_id, rtncode

long ll_count

this.GetChild('code_description', dwc)


dwc.Retrieve(Application.uf_Get_Preferred_Language(), 663)

This is the code I have in a user function to set items. The third setitem is what I’m trying to accomplish:

dw_appdate.setitem(1, "ba_aplctn_dte", date(ps_ba_aplctn_dte)) (works)

dw_comments.setitem(1, "ba_cmnt_txt", ps_comments) (works)

dw_2.setitem(1,"cde_vl_sqn", ii_claim_src_typ_cde) (does not work; ii_claim_src_typ_cde has a value)

I have screenshots to give you and idea of what is happening. I am unable to attach the screenshot file to this post, but if I can be provided with an email address, I can send the screenshot file directly. My email is Any help appreciated.


James MacDonald