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Aug 16, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Output Condition table (Outbound Delivery) transported but records not effective


I have a situation where I created a new Condition Table (for output against Outbound Delivery) added to Access Sequence, test in Dev. Works fine.

Transport to environment 2. Works fine.

Transport to environment 3 and although the table is there and I can create/change/delete records in it and view these via SE16 but they are not effective in the Application. In config. all appears OK. Transport log. reports success. The only clue I have is that looking at the code for RV13BABN in environments Dev. and 2. I can see the additional table and results are reported correctly but in environment 3. the new table isn't included in RV13BABN so presumably if the Application is following this or similar logic, that is why it isn't recognising the records in the new table.

Anyone ever come across this or similar before and how did you resolve it ?