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Aug 16, 2013 at 09:26 AM

Process stopped, but you don't know



In NW BPM, if a process stopped due to some problems, users are unware of it. This may lead to delay of business activities, even leading critical influence on business.For example:

On Friday my company will hold an important conference, and some electric equipments are required. I create an equipments request on Monday. When Thursday comes, I haven't get my equipments. I check my process and find it stopped at the start event due to some reason. I recreate one equipments request at once but it's too late. Some equipments need one day to transport to my location. So what can I do? The business conference has to be delayed to the next week because of the lack of electric equipments.

So I want to add a function to automatically send notifications when processes stop due to whatever reasons. How should I do?

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