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Aug 16, 2013 at 06:31 AM

SAP Production Order - Availability Check


Hi team,

I am using the BAPI "BAPI_PRODORD_CHECK_MAT_AVAIL" for production order material availability check. In the BAPI, in the import parameter section, we have "SCOPE_AVAIL". In the functional documentation, it is mentioned as below.

The following types of check are possible:

1. Individual check per material according to checking group:

The availability check is carried out for each material, depending on the settings for the checking group (for example, check against planning).

2. ATP check for all materials:

The availability check is carried out for all materials as an ATP check, independently of the settings in the checking group.


What does the sentence mean "independently of the settings in the checking group"? Is it mean that the availability check which is maintained in the respective material masters will not be considered? If yes, When i execute the ATP check with this option, what is the checking rule & Checking Group will be used?

3. Check for all materials against planning:

The availability check is carried out for all materials as a check against planning. The check against planning is not carried out if the Indicator for relevance during check against planning field in the checking group contains the entry Do not check.

Question2: Is the "Do not Check" in OVZ2 setting referred here?

4.No check:

No check is carried out. This setting should be used if you want to reset the availability data without checking it again.

Question 3: What is "Check Against Planning"? In which transaction it is specified? For my requirement, i need to carry out ATP for all production order components. So shall i choose the "Option 2"?.

"The settings for the checking groups are defined in Customizing for Sales and Distribution (Activity Define Checking Groups) in the Relevance for planning field".

Question 4: In which transaction, "Relevance for Planning" will be enabled? Is this setting relevant for "ATP Check in Production Order (CO02)"?