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Aug 16, 2013 at 06:06 AM

Elementary search help issue in WebDynpro - missing value


I am creating an application in WebDynpro for a CMS system. In case you have access to a CMS system, i am referring to the fields RBL_ID (type CMS_DTE_RBL_ID) as FIELD1 and CREDITSYSTEM (type CMS_DTE_RBL_CRDSYS) as FIELD2 with search help CMS_SRCH_RBL_DETAILS.

  1. I have two fields FIELD1 and FIELD2 on the view. For both the fields, the elementary search help defined is SAP is the same (standard fields and search help). I have mentioned the same search help in the details of the fields in the Context.The value of FIELD1 is defaulted and cannot be edited. On pressing f4 help on view, the value FIELD1 must be passed as one of the parameters to filter values for FIELD2. This works correctly in SAP GUI but on webdynpro, the value of FIELD1 is coming as initial when the f4 help is pressed.
  2. Is it possible to alter the value displayed on the FIELD2 after selection i.e. the F4 selection results in FIELD2 being populated with a GUID of the record (refers to the type of FIELD2), but in GUI it gets populated with another ID field which is required. Which event can be triggered after f4 help to alter FIELD2?

Screens in GUI

Screens in Webdynpro


pastedImage_0.png (79.5 kB)
pastedImage_2.png (100.4 kB)