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Aug 15, 2013 at 08:07 PM

Problem with SetLibraryList


For some years, and across a number of products, we have used SetLibraryList() to cause the application to look at selected PBLs instead of PBDs so that our customers could make modifications to certain datawindows. This has continued to work fine in our PB12 release except in one product. For some reason it is not "seeing" the objects in one of the named PBLs. The PBL is present in the executable location, and has an object in it that shows up fine when run in development mode (I've made the development library list look at the executable location for that PBL, so there's no danger of multiple copies, etc.)

I put a message box in right after the call to SetLibraryList, and it seems to execute fine. Return value is 1.

I've searched for all instantces of "SetLibraryList" in my application and none are executed except the one that returns 1.

Any suggestions for what else I might try to diagnose the problem?