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Aug 15, 2013 at 08:08 PM

Header Freight-Group Condition-changing on invoice


Hi Folks:

We have a header freight condition, which is also marked as group condition.

In the pricing procedure, this condition type has '13' assigned to it in 'Alternate Condition Base Value.'

On the sales order, if header condition ZHFR is $100 for 3 line items with 100 LBs.

This is what I see on line items -

Item Numb Material Quantity Weight ZHFR

10 MAT1 4 40LBs $40

20 MAT2 3 30LBs $30

30 MAT3 3 30LBs $30

In our system, there is only one delivery. If entire order quantity (10 from above example) is not delivered , there will not be another delivery for this order. It also means, there will be only one invoice to the customer.

Let's say, delivery has only 2 units of line item 30.

On the invoice, this is what I see -

tem Numb Material Quantity Weight ZHFR

10 MAT1 4 40LBs $40

20 MAT2 3 30LBs $30

30 MAT3 2 30LBs $20

Business does not want this to happen. Since there is no 2nd delivery, entire header freight has to be charged to the customer. Header freight should not vary depending up on quantity/weight/price (subtotal) of line item.

Irrespective of delivered quantity, ZHFR on invoice should have $30 on line item-30 (so that it totals to $100).

I am thinking of copying 13 and adding additional logic

if SY-TCODE is VF01/VF02/VF03,

check pgi quantity = order quantity,

if yes, then proceed with new value

if no, ignore newly recalculated value and bring in whatever that exists on sales order.

Will this be a feasible option? Any other ideas? Please share your views.

Thanks & Regards,