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Aug 15, 2013 at 02:01 PM

Connecting MS Sharepoint to SAP Gateway using the oData protocol and basic authentication



I am trying to consume an oData service from sharepoint using SAP gateway.

Using Tutorials like, I tried to consume an OData Source with SharePoint 2013. Without Authentication, no problem, but with an OData Source with Basic Authentication I’m searching a way to define/configure the authentication method inside the app.

The only way I could find was in the BDC Model (.etc file), where I find the ODataServiceAuthenticationMode.
<Property Name="ODataServiceUrl" Type="System.String">TOPSECRET</Property>
<Property Name="ODataServiceAuthenticationMode" Type="System.String">PassThrough</Property>
<Property Name="ODataFormat" Type="System.String">application/atom+xml</Property>

Regarding the std specs of BCS, I could use the value “Credentials” instead of “PassThrough” to use a basic authentication. Then I could define the ssoapplicationid of the Target Application inside the Secure Store Service. I ripped it from the wcf syntax, but as foreseen it didn’t work.

<Property Name="ODataServiceAuthenticationMode" Type="System.String">Credentials</Property>
<Property Name="SsoApplicationId" Type="System.String">TOPSECRETacc</Property>

Does anyone has a guide or documentation for the actual bdcm syntax/structure in SharePoint 2013 for modifying the xml? Or are there other options to define the basic authentication in this OData App? Is there a way to make life more simple by a different service configuration on SAP side?

Passing the credentials as http headers from postman (chrome extension) works out fine, but still I have no clue what to define in Sharepoint.

Does anybody of you have a solution or any hints on how to proceed here?

Thanks in advance.