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Jan 12, 2017 at 01:26 AM

Displaying slashes instead of dots in dates in the query results


Hello Experts

I have a query, my problem is in the query result, SAP shows dates with dots and i need the results to display with slashes
How do i achieve it?

Thanks in advanceā€¦

T0.[DocNum] as 'Sales Order No', 
T0.[CardName] as 'Sales Partner', 
T0.[NumAtCard] as 'Cust Ord No', 
T1.[U_Prod_Order_No] as 'Prodn Ord No', 
T1.[ItemCode] as 'Stock Code', 
T1.[Dscription] as 'Stock Description', 

--(In the below two date fields SAP date format is 12.01.2017, how do I change it to display with slashes instead of dots 12/01/2017 in the query results)
T1.[U_DelDate] as 'Lead Time', 
T1.[ShipDate] as 'Actual Delivery Date' 

FROM ORDR T0  INNER JOIN RDR1 T1 ON T0.[DocEntry] = T1.[DocEntry] 

T0.[Cardcode] >= [%0] AND 
T0.[Cardcode] <= [%1] AND
T0.[DocStatus] = 'C' AND  
T0.[DocStatus]  != 'L' AND   
T1.[ShipDate]  >=[%2] AND   
T1.[ShipDate]  <=[%3] 

ORDER BY T1.[ShipDate]